How to Prevent the Divarication of Recti During Pregnancy

You already know that your body goes through tremendous changes during pregnancy. But did you know that it might take a while for your body to return to normal after you’ve given birth? That’s why postnatal care in Singapore is crucial for new mothers who want to recover quickly.

One of the most common effects you may experience during or after pregnancy is the divarication of the recti, also known as diastasis recti. This is a condition that refers to the separation of the left and right sides of your belly muscles.

Pregnancy can stretch the muscles in your abdomen and cause them to separate. While it usually goes back to normal, how do you prevent or fix your postpartum belly issue?  Here are a few tips you can do before and after childbirth.

1) Check with your doctor for advice. They can tell you what activities are safe or necessary to treat diastasis recti. Your case may differ from different women.

2) Do exercises. Diastasis recti exercises focus on strengthening your core so you can recover more quickly. Make sure you follow proper exercises suitable for pregnant women. You can find appropriate exercise videos on websites

3) Manage your weight and diet. While it’s normal to put on a few pounds even after pregnancy, gaining weight can be counterproductive in treating this condition. Be mindful of your weight.

4) Avoid positions and movements that are harmful to you. Exercises like sit-ups or planks aren’t good for people with diastasis recti. Do your research before attempting anything.

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John K. McGaha