The astrophysique, a fitness trainer from Houston

The astrophysique, a fitness trainer from Houston

The Astrophysique, real name Evan Agha, is a fitness trainer from Houston, Texas with 8 years of experience and over 500 clients.

Having started his career in-persona, Evan has for a few years pivoted to the online world and also doubles up as an online fitness trainer, now posting daily on his Youtube channel (@theastrophysique).

Evan has taken part in the Alphalete summer shredding classic twice, finishing 2nd and 3rd on his category.

1 – The origin

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Up to his mid teens, Evan was an avid basket-ball player who dreamt of taking his skills all the way up to university level. Unfortunately, his was dropped out of his high-school team and saw his dreams shatter before his very own eyes.

Nevertheless, Evan kept on playing and training basket-ball at his high school, albeit with no goals in sight. During this dark period, he bounded with an older student who took him beneath his wings and work to build his confidence back
by intriducing him to the gym.

Although Evan had had a few weight training session with his ex basket-ball team, this was a radical change in his way of life. He quickly founds a new sport interest and dove head first in all matters of fitness, weight training and gym activities.

2 – Progress

the astrophysique fitness trainer houston

Having been an active basket-ball player up to being dropped by his high-school team, Evan was already in great shape for a 15 years old. In addition, like most of his peers, he also dabbled in football and track and field.

However, working out litfting weights trasnformed his physical appearance. From starting to train a few days with his older mentor, Evan quickly switch to training every day, improving constantly. He read avidly everything he

could find, spent long time on internet searching for methods, tips, exercises to further develop his physique.

As well as working on his appearance, Evan quickly noticed that he had to learn about nutrition. With the same focus, he learnt to cook, select ingredients based on their benefit and prepared his meals to satisfied his daily

calorie intake, making sure to carefully monitor everything.

After a few years, and fresh out of college, Evan realized that his heart was in fitness. In decided to follow a certification program (although not required by law in Texas) and became a NASM Certified Fitness Professional,

to ensure that beyond his wealth of knowledge, his clients would be confident in his abilities. Ever since Evan set his mind on becoming a fitness trainer, he hasn’t looked back yet.

3 – Clients

the astrophysique fitness trainer houston
the astrophysique fitness trainer houston

Evan’s clients come from different walks of life, with an age that ranges from 18 to 40 years old, men and women. Most have tried either to be healthy on their own, or have had a healthier life in the past. However they all share

the same goal: becoming fit and satying fit once and for all. Throughout his 8 years of practise, Evan has developed a program that delivers just that: a sustanaible healthy lifestyle that allows one to eat well and be in great physical

shape without feeling like straving all the time. In fact, this feeling of hunger is nearly always what stops people, even with the best intentions in the world, to keep focused and stay fit and healthy on the long run.

As we said earlier, nutrition is an integral part of any fitness journey and Evan makes sure that his clients understands fully its benefit, even if this means teaching them to shop and cook!

4 – Program

Evan’s program is based on 2 formula. Either a monthly subscription or a 3 monthly plan through which Evan will coach and teach everything one needs to remain healthy for the rest of his / her life. One major difference with

Evan’s program is the fact that he is dedicated to keeping in touch with his clients. Regardless whether you are in Houston or anywhere else in the world, Evan is always a message away from helping you out, setting goal, teaching you

what you need to progress and be happy about yourself.

So whether you are in Houston or elsewhere and you want an online fitness trainer, the astrophysique is your man.

“Shoot for the stars”. Evan Agha.

Clare Louise