The Nutritional Value of Cupcakes and Other Sweet Treats

The Nutritional Value of Cupcakes and Other Sweet Treats

Cupcakes have an incredible amount of healthy nutrients. Remember that I make a living by drawing and writing about cakes if you’re going to listen to what I have to say, and that you should take that into account. Oh, and before I forget, I feel compelled to note that I am in no way qualified to be mistaken for a nutritionist and hope that this is never assumed. Perhaps I could have titled this piece, “Why I’ll Never, Ever, Never Become a Dietician”? So, let me spend the next few centimetres of your screen time explaining why and how eating cupcakes is a fantastic choice for your health. I’m going to tell you the many ways in which high protein cupcakes benefit your health.  You know quite well how much you enjoy it. I said, “Let’s go!”

For you, in particular

Cupcakes are a great way to boost your metabolism and burn fat. The average person burns 102 calories per hour simply from sitting and eating. Here it first: eating is equivalent to working out. Since the process of eating itself burns 102 calories, if you can devour 10,000 calories worth of cupcakes in one sitting, this means you did not really exceed the 10,000-calorie threshold. Plus, it doesn’t account for the energy you used simply opening the box. I feel like I’ve already exercised just thinking about it, which is odd. Can you get me a cupcake?

The ideal egg, in my opinion

Eggs provide a good amount of protein at a low price. In addition, they contain a sizable amount of choline, a chemical that performs crucial roles in the body as an anti-inflammatory, a helper in the repair of membranes, and, most significantly, the maintenance of brain function. Choline deficiency affects almost 90% of the US population. It seems to reason that we need to boost our intake of it. Cupcakes use eggs in their recipe. Eggs could contain choline. Have another bite of that cupcake!

Energy-wise, sugar is a solid choice. When you eat sweets, you’ll feel great. Because it’s made of sugar, of course! This is a key component of both the cake and the frosting, the two most prominent layers of a cupcake. When you eat sugar, your body absorbs the glucose quickly and delivers it to your bloodstream, where it triggers an increase in insulin and an immediate rush of energy.

Strength from Wheat Flour

The energy in flour is another benefit. It very recently came to my attention that eating white flour, like eating white sugar, raises blood sugar levels. I don’t know about you, but when I eat anything sweet, I feel like nothing can stop me. It seems to reason that if I eat wheat and sugar together, I will become double invincible, assuming this is really the case. Please excuse me while I go try jumping out of this window and seeing how well I can fly.


Butter, of course The most reliable source, Men’s Health, claims that fat, such that found in butter, is necessary to help your body absorb many of the healthy nutrients present in vegetables.

Jerome B. Shore

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