An Accurate Description of Soberlink’s Alcohol Monitoring System

An Accurate Description of Soberlink’s Alcohol Monitoring System

Soberlink’s comprehensive alcohol monitoring system does more than just keep track of users’ drinking habits; it also holds them accountable for staying sober. Small, wireless breathalyzers with cutting-edge features like facial recognition, tamper detection, and real-time reporting are game-changers.

Soberlink can be used for many different purposes. The natural setting for its use in helping people overcome substance abuse issues is the user’s own home. It is also widely used in the fields of family law and workplace compliance (when proving the sobriety of one parent requires consideration of the other).

The Soberlink system, which is part of a larger alcohol monitoring system, is intriguing because it introduces a new level of accountability. Only alcohol-related gadgets have this characteristic.


Many alcoholics and their loved ones may have doubts about the accuracy of this method. If the apparatus indicates alcohol consumption, how confident can we be in the results? The question has a favorable answer. Evidence and testimony have been presented in court to back up the findings. This alcohol testing device has been proven reliable and precise. Like other available alcohol screening devices, it provides reliable results. Soberlink’s breathalyzer uses a fuel-cell sensor that measures blood alcohol concentration (BAC) from 0.00% to 0.40%. As low as 0.005 BAC, it can be a reliable method. Thus, the results can be trusted.


You may already know that Soberlink can aid in the fight against alcoholism and the prevention of relapse if you’ve read about it. I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the Share Program. The Women’s Recovery Center of Denver is an accredited facility. One cannot simply replace the other; there are substantial distinctions between the two. The Share Program is helpful to clients at any stage of their rehabilitation. The members of a client’s Recovery Circle are those who are supportive of the client’s recovery and with whom the client can share updates and successes. Members of the Recovery Circle will have access to Soberlink’s website in addition to receiving alerts and updates via email and/or text message. Without a licensed service, results may vary. Certified Providers, such as our addiction specialists, will have access to Soberlink through the Sober Sky online portal. Our professionals oversee the alcohol testing and tracking schedules for each individual client. In addition, they have the ability to select individual recipients for a given outcome. Training is provided to certified providers on how to use the Soberlink System effectively.


Alcoholism is a disease that harms not just the addict but their loved ones as well. One of the many negative results of alcoholism is damage to personal relationships and trust. The alcoholic’s loved ones may start to question everything they say. There’s no doubt that addiction causes dishonesty. Soberlink is different from other alcohol monitoring devices because it involves loved ones in the recovery process. You can sign up for email updates about the alcoholic’s progress or relapse to find out if they are back on the path to sobriety. The alcoholic’s loved ones can be kept up-to-date on his or her sobriety status by sending regular email updates. If the reports are accurate, the alcoholic’s frequency of device use and their likely BAC can be deduced. Both tamper detection hardware and facial recognition software are built into the device, giving users peace of mind that their loved ones can trust the results. A Soberlink user’s trusted contacts can rest easy knowing that the app is working to restore the user’s reputation. After reading the reports, some families may choose to incorporate the information into therapy sessions.

Clarence Williams