How Does The Lumbo Sacral Belt Work?

How Does The Lumbo Sacral Belt Work?

Back pain is a common problem in the modern world, especially in people with a sedentary lifestyle. An orthopedically designed lumbo sacral belt gives precise compression and optimum support to your back. It is recommended as one of the measures in the first line of treatment. 

What is a lumbo sacral belt? How does it work?

A lumbo sacral belt is an orthopaedic support belt worn to support the lumbar section of the spine. It helps in improving posture and relieves stiffness in the lower back. 

The lumbo sacral belt is recommended for individuals with acute lower back pain, pain in the hip area, muscle weakness in the lumbar spinal region, lumbar spondylosis, and other painful conditions involving the lower back and requiring mild support.

Let’s see how the lumbo sacral belt works to lower back pain. 

  1. Reduces pressure on the spinal cord: The lumbo sacral belt helps reduce pressure on the lower back and, therefore, reduces the pressure on the spinal joints, muscles, and tissues. This helps provide relief from backache.
  1. Additional Spinal Support: Lumbo Sacral belts provide support and stability to the lower back when it is unstable because of an injury, bad posture, or weak muscles. The belt helps the healing process by providing support and stability to the weakened muscles and allowing them time to heal.
  1. Reduces friction between vertebral segments: A lumbo sacral belt reduces friction between vertebral segments that are injured, inflamed, or fractured. It helps limit pain caused by irritated nerve roots, joints, or muscular tension. Reduced friction also means rest to the injured area and lesser healing time. 
  1. Restricts the range of movement: A lumbo sacral belt restricts the movements of the back, such as twisting, bending forwards or backward, or on either side. Restricted movement helps the wearer be more aware of proprioception (position of the body). It allows the wearer to adapt and adjust to a healthier posture for better spinal health.
  1. Helps support lower back and abdomen: Back pain can be debilitating and cause severe restriction in movement. A good lumbo sacral belt provides support to the lower back and abdominal muscles. It helps in reducing pain and making movement more comfortable. The wearer can change positions like sitting down, standing, or lying down slightly more comfortably and easily. 
  1. Helps improve posture: A lumbo sacral belt helps improve posture as it prevents you from slouching. 
  1. Helps lessen pain scores: Adding a lumbo sacral belt along with physiotherapy and pain medication to the backache pain care regime helps improve mobility and reduce pain scores. 


Mobility aids such as an arm pouch sling and lumbo sacral belt go a long way in providing support in pain management, along with medicines and physiotherapy as the prescribed treatment plan. Lumbo sacral belts provide support and stability, improve posture, and alleviate pain. They are invaluable in helping improve posture as the belt prevents you from slouching.

Eula J. McLaughlin