How to Treat Split Ends?

How to Treat Split Ends?

We do so much to get voluminous, bouncy, and shiny hair. However, this all could be played down by the presence of split ends. The hair would look unhealthy and dull.

Numerous external elements like pollution, overexposure to the sun, hair treatments like straightening, perming, and hair coloring, washing hair with very hot water, using chemical hair products and hair tools, along with certain internal causes like deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and the diet can influence your hair quality which in turn causes hair to become fragile and split ends.

What causes split ends?

Split ends occur when the ends of your hair become dry, brittle, and frayed. They may correspond to the end of an unraveled rope.

Exposure to extreme weather conditions, and hair care methods such as blow drying, straightening, and curling may result in split ends. They’re also generated by using chemical hair products. With so many people using hair products every day, split ends are expected.

How to Deal With Split Ends

Hair Trimming

It is the fastest way to get rid of split ends. Trimming your hair at regular gaps helps get rid of old hair. Getting your hair trimmed every 5-6 weeks aids hair to remain healthy and split end free.

Protection From The Sun

It’s very significant to sunscreen your hair, like you do to your skin, particularly in the summer when the sun is harsh. Wrap your hair with a scarf or apply a hair growth serum to safeguard it. Washing your hair frequently also helps to alleviate the dirt and pollution it is exposed to every day which often causes the hair strands to become dehydrated resulting in split ends

Avoid using chemicals and Hair Straightening Products

Decrease the use of heated hair tools like curling irons, hair straighteners, and styling products. Instead, treat your hair with the best hair growth products like oils and hair growth serums which are made of natural and organic ingredients.

Coconut oil massage

Coconut oil is promising for all hair problems. Warm up the coconut oil and massage it into your hair ensuring to use it to the tips of your hair. Wrap your hair with a shower cap or a small towel and leave it on for around 30 minutes. Then rinse the oil off your hair. This will condition and moisturize your hair and make your hair soft and will deter split ends.

Balanced diet

It is crucial to incorporate foods that deliver all the essential vitamins and minerals to your body in your daily diet. Make sure to have foods rich in proteins, iron, vitamin C, and omega-3 fatty acids along with other vital nutrients.

Comb and combing

Use the correct brush or a wide-tooth comb. Hard plastic brushes can be severe on your hair and can spoil it. Instead, use a flat paddle brush. Always brush the lower part of your hair foremost and remove the knots, then comb the rest of your hair gently.

Hair Masks

Condition your hair at regular intervals. Hair masks are an incredible way to pamper your hair while making them smooth and conditioned. Use a hair mask at least twice a week. Depending on your hair kind you can apply a homemade mask or get hair masks readily available in any beauty store

Wash hair with cold water

Washing hair with very hot water dehydrates the scalp and depletes the hair roots. Hot water strips the hair of natural oils generated from the scalp which keeps the hair healthy and strong. It also results in breakage. Always rinse your hair with cold water. Even if you begin by washing it with hot water, and conclude with hair wash with cold water.

Stay hydrated

Drinking 8 glasses of water daily keep your hair strong and gleaming. Water creates almost one-fourth of the weight of the hair strands, thus it is crucial to always be hydrated to make your hair look glossy and beautiful.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Shielding your hair at night can also prevent split ends. Rather than sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, rest on a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction.

Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase permits your hair to glide over the pillow. Having smaller friction between the pillowcase and your hair may help stave off hair damage and breakage.

Another option is to wrap a silk scarf around your hair at night to protect your hair.

What happens if split ends aren’t cut?

Once the hair splits at the ends, it is beyond repair. If not taken care of and maintained properly, it will further fork into 2-3 heads, decreasing the length of the hair. So trimming the split ends becomes necessary. Hair split at the ends looks unkempt and possesses no shine. Not chopping these split ends will also make the color of your hair appear uneven, wrecking its beauty. If for some reason you are incapable of trimming the split hair, it’s suggested to keep it moisturized and nourished by following hair care tips. There are methods to make the split ends look healthier and less noticeable, but the only real fix is to cut them away

Can hair grow with split ends?

Split ends do not cease hair from growing. Hair will resume growing based on your hair growth cycle, whether or not you have split ends. Split ends are the consequence of stress caused to the hair from styling, absence of care, and environmental aspects that cause the hair ends to become damaged and frayed. The hair will continue to grow as it generally does but the presence of split ends can wear the ends of the hair faster than the scalp can grow new length. If not trimmed, the rough ends of the split hair can end up in knots and tangles causing more hair damage and breakage.


There’s no treatment for split ends once you have them, the only option is to cut them off. That’s why prevention is essential to keep your hair free of split ends and breakage.

Keeping your hair well-nourished and moisturized and avoiding certain addictions can go a long way toward enhancing the overall health and appearance of your hair.

Eula J. McLaughlin

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