When Should You Get Circumcision? 

When Should You Get Circumcision? 

Circumcision is a medical treatment you can do at any age when required. Most of the males tend to do it in their childhood or teenage years (Read more). So when should you do it? Read this post to learn when circumcision is recommended by urologists.  

Circumcision in Babies

Baby circumcision is usually done for religious/cultural purposes. Parents arrange the circumcision process for their children a few days after their birth. The procedure is easy to perform in children and has certain health benefits. 

Circumcision in Boys

Many circumcisions are done in childhood/adolescence. The procedure’s recommended timing depends on the reason to have it. Once the symptoms show and the problem gets diagnosed, treatment is performed. Immediate surgery works if your son has recurring infections/inflammation (Balanitis), severe recurring UTIs, Balanitis xerotica obliterans, and Paraphimosis when the penis foreskin is pulled back but can’t return to its original place. 

The penis foreskin is extremely tight to pull back once boys are born. The foreskin tends to start separating from the penis head when boys are about 2 years old. It must be distinguished and retractable by the time they are 5 years old. It takes a bit longer for some boys in all phases of development in kids. The foreskin usually retracts by the age of 10, otherwise, circumcision is recommended. 

Circumcision in Adulthood

Circumcision in adulthood usually occurs when issues occur at an older age. Males may require circumcision if they develop paraphimosis, phimosis or have issues such as inflammation and scars. Even though circumcision can be performed in adulthood, you should never delay the process if your son has phimosis or other foreskin-related health disorders. 

Phimosis is extremely painful and living with it can make your boy suffer from low self-esteem. The healing capabilities tend to decrease with age. Thus, boys can recover more quickly from circumcision if they do it sooner rather than later. The penis skin will tend to heal in a few days for boys. However, it may take approximately 10 days for recovery in adult men. 

The Bottomline

Circumcision can be done at any age. Thus, you don’t need to think much about when to do it. Get circumcision with the help of a skilled urologist as and when required to get the desired result. 

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